Restore Deleted Word Files

Deleted MS Word File Recovery

Microsoft Office is the most widely used tools for our daily life and work. No matter it may be your financial report or project document, it will be easily written and maintained by the MS Office Word. It’s a frightening that scares every Microsoft Word user that one of his important doc or docx file has somehow deleted. The scenario becomes even worst when you observed absence of backup of your important documents. No matter what data loss circumstance you are in, your Word files can be  easily retrieved with the use of various deleted file recovery programs. Among all, File Restore is an ultimate tool when it comes to recover deleted Word files.

When a Word document is deleted from storage drive, only the index of that file containing all the information will be removed and the storage space will be marked as available, but the actual stream of information still resides in the same stored location until it is overwritten by new files. Unfortunately, operating system cannot access the file without its index, but an efficient restore files tool scans the entire storage drive and retrieves it with the help of unique file signatures. In addition to Word files, more than 300 types of files can be rec overed by using this tool. It can retrieve not only erased Word files, but also is capable of recovering data from corrupted flash drive, pen drive, memory stick, and other portable drives with greater ease.

The most common reasons for deletion of Word files are accidental deletion, infection of virus, hardware failure, unexpected shutdown, bad sector on the hard drive, improper termination of MS Word etc.

To avoid data loss in any of the above circumstance, you need to take few precautionary measures which might also help you to avoid data loss in future.The precautary measures are as follows:

Once you realize that the MS Office Word documents have been deleted even after taking the precautionary measures, stop using the storage drive and try not to perform any write or read operation on that storage drive till you recover the deleted doc or docx file. Moreover, do not install any recovery tool on the drive from where you have deleted the Word files. This could result in overwriting of deleted Word files leading to permanent data loss. Unlike other tools, you can also recover files from Recycle Bin by using this award-winning program.

No matter how you deleted the Word files, File Restore tool will recover the deleted or lost files without any hassle. This tool has an inbuilt scanning algorithm, which searches the deleted files throughout the complete storage drive and recovers them with the use of its advanced recovery engine. It is not only applicable to restore deleted Word files, you can utilize this application to recover complete partition after its deletion. It is capable to restore all types partitions along with entire inormation on different versions of Windows OS.

This tool supports Word file recovery from Windows 7, XP or Vista computer. One can recover files from SD card and other storage drives like hard drive, iPod, memory card, flash drive, external hard drive, FireWire drive etc. An advanced "Find" option of this tool helps you to search the particular file on the basis of file name, date of creation, file size, and extension. You can use this tool on Mac system to recover deleted files after a click on

Few simple steps to restore deleted Word files

Step 1: Download and install File Restore application on your computer or laptop and launch the tool and open its welcome screen as shown in fig A.

Restore Deleted Word File - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step 2: Choose the partition from the list of logical drives as shown in below fig B.

Restore Deleted Word File - Select Drive

Fig B: Select Drive

Step 3: Finally, you will see a list of retrieved files as shown in fig C.

Restore Deleted Word File - Recovered Word Files

Fig C: Recovered Word Files